Chicago is Thriving and New Young Leaders Will Keep it Alive

Published August 31, 2022

As the Q2 Chicago Industrial highlights from Colliers, a leading real estate services company operating in more than 60 countries, suggests, this American city’s industrial resilience is undeniable. With record-low vacancy rates and record-high speculative construction rates, it’s obvious that Chicago is thriving during a time that’s been challenging for most cities and industries.

It’s this ongoing resiliency that adds to a diversified economic base. The industries we think of as thriving right now, like tech and finance, actually rely on the growth and support of manufacturing to survive. The bottom line is that the manufacturing industry impacts the investment and economic growth of all these other sectors.

In watching the city flourish, we at Comhar see Chicago as an ideal location for young and growing executives. As a firm with a multitude of years of experience recruiting in this market, we’re committed to bringing leadership to the city so it can continue to thrive and grow.

After reading the Colliers report, we felt called to share a few things you can do, as a Chicago-based organization, to attract and invest in more young executives here.

Focus on the Quality of Life

Today’s candidates look at every job in terms of quality of life. Paro, a Chicago-based startup, found that 39 percent of knowledge workers said work-life balance is the most important element of their job in 2022 with compensation falling behind at just 28 percent.

This is not the only time we’ve heard this. Data from the current workforce is clear: employees want a better quality of life, better work-life balance, and greater flexibility. To bring more young executives and leaders to Chicago, organizations need to focus on this aspect of their offering.

Sell Chicago, Not Just Your Company

Young executives are choosing roles not just for the company, but for locations that represent an improvement in their life. Chicago’s location presents opportunity in every area for those who live here, both personal and professional. When interviewing, don’t forget to talk about the stability and vibrancy that they can experience, how they can grow as individuals and the value of building a family here.

Focus on Attracting—Not Just Reacting

Great recruiting isn’t just about being reactive and hiring when you need to fill an open position. To play a role in developing, and reaping the benefits of Chicago’s thriving industry, you need to be proactive.

How are you shifting company objectives and culture to become attractive to the best possible candidate? How are you selling Chicago and the quality of life you offer in your employer branding?

Taking action in these areas is how you begin to attract young executives at all times, not just when you’re hiring.

Let’s Support Chicago’s Market

Chicago is thriving and we can continue to support that growth by bringing new executives here. This effort is mutually beneficial because young employees stand to gain a vibrant life full of opportunity in this continually burgeoning city and we stand to gain greater industry stability and expansion. At Comhar, we are dedicated to supporting the organizations that have made Chicago so resilient and we hope you are too. 

If you’d like more guidance or want to have an open conversation about your talent and hiring needs, please reach out to Comhar Partners. 

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