Comhar Partners Announces Professional Recruiting Services

Published May 20, 2020

Solution provides a project-based recruiting alternative for companies post-pandemic.

Comhar Partners, a professional recruiting company that specializes in Executive Search, Professional Recruiting, and Talent Advisory Services, announced today that they are launching a new solution to help recruit middle management talent post-pandemic. This Professional Recruiting service is a product customized for companies that may not have an internal recruiting staff, but still have the need to recruit senior level contributors and middle management professionals in the $80,000 to $180,000 salary range.

This new product adds value to clients who will be demanding more from their middle management post COVID-19 amidst the uncertainty surrounding staffing levels within their Human Resources and Talent Acquisition functions.

“This on-demand recruiting solution is scalable and can be turned on in a matter of days when clients see a pick-up in demand for mid-management and tough to fill positions in sales, finance, operations, engineering, information technology, construction, banking, and consulting services,” said Comhar Managing Director, Bernard Layton. “Our clients who have historically relied on our retained recruiting solutions for senior level positions are increasingly looking for a solution for the next level down recruiting services.”

Recent surveys by Thrive, a software solutions provider to the executive search industry indicate that most search firms are preparing for how COVID-19 and the resulting social and economic impacts will affect their core business. While many executive search leaders are optimistic that the crisis will be short-lived, nearly all agree that the severity will be high. “Search firms are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst — redoing their planning and forecasts, reducing budgets, and revising cash flow plans,” said J. Reed Flesher, founder and president of Thrive.

“This service is best utilized by clients that need to provide scalability to internal recruiting teams, build talent pipelines, or address multi-hire hiring spikes,” said J. James O’Malley, Comhar Managing Director. “We are hearing from clients that are seeking a superior solution rather than investing the time into bringing in their own contract recruiters, spending hours bringing contingent recruiters up to speed, or redeploying their existing recruiting team on these types of projects when they already have a full-plate.”

O’Malley adds, “We don’t just fill jobs, we share information and look at our clients’ long-term needs in order to deliver solutions that result in improved recruiting efficiencies, reduced costs, improved talent quality, and/or a better job and candidate experience.”

For more information (including case studies) on Comhar Partners’ Professional Recruiting services, click here.

To view and/or share the original press release, please click here.

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