Operational Executives

Finding elite operations and operational excellence leaders who will drive success across your organization is a core practice area for Comhar Partners.

Identifying and recruiting highly sought-after operations, operational excellence, and extended supply chain (Lean manufacturing, procurement, distribution, logistics) executives require in-depth sector knowledge and strong relationships, as well as the ability to evaluate and assess potential internal candidates.

Comhar Partners combines our tailored, rigorous focus on your business and your critical requirements, with consultants who bring years of specialized knowledge and experience to the table. Our team leverages a deep database, broad industry coverage, and unique sourcing access to bring you only the most qualified outside talent, executives who can build strong operational foundations, drive innovation and improvement, and ultimately optimize operating effectiveness and productivity for the long term.

Today’s operations executives are more critical than ever before to the productivity, profitability, and long-term sustainability of an enterprise. From globalization and digital transformation, to supply chain networks, sourcing development, and procurement management, operations executives must manage a complex, global web of both internal and external, collaborative, and competitive relationships. They must also be able to quickly adopt new technologies and strategically partner with their key counterparts in the C-suite.

As successful organizations continue to rethink their operating models and processes, the scope of responsibilities for operations executives, supply chain, and procurement executives continues to expand. As a result, both manufacturing and business services companies are seeking executive leaders who have the right mix of business operations and financially savvy, change management skills, and international operating experience.

Proven Operations, Operational Excellence, and Extended Supply Chain Recruiting Experts

Comhar Partners was formed with the purpose of having all of the capabilities of larger firms while being nimbler and more entrepreneurial in the marketplace.  We offer a 30+ year history of recruiting transformational operations, supply chain, procurement, and operations improvement executives who simultaneously transform businesses while driving performance for private equity portfolio, founder-led, mid-market private, and public companies.  We understand the needs of our clients whether they relate to building out the leadership team in early-to-mid-growth stage companies, expanding the executive suite to support high-growth strategies, selectively acquiring specialized talent in anticipation of executing a business transaction or revamping a leadership group with change agents who can successfully execute in a turn-around situation.

At the foundation of our search process are relationships, trust, and a commitment to excellence. Whether you are a startup company, a mid-market firm, or a Fortune 500 company working on your succession plan, Comhar Partners is here to partner with you.

Executive Positions Recruited:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)
  • Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)
  • Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)
  • SVP/VP Operations/Manufacturing
  • SVP/VP Lean Manufacturing
  • SVP/VP Sourcing/Procurement  
  • SVP/VP Quality
  • SVP/VP Distribution & Logistics
  • SVP/VP Business Transformation
  • SVP/VP Continuous Improvement

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