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We help you find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence.

At Comhar Partners we understand that attracting top talent for C-suite and Executive Level positions that are considered mission-critical for the organization requires an expert. Our consultants hold a comprehensive understanding of different industries and functional roles to guarantee finding your best-fit leader who will make a lasting impact within your organization. Our consultants work to build an appropriate framework for compensation and retention while identifying industrious and unique leaders that fit flawlessly into your organization. Whatever industry your organization is in, our unique and innovative approach allows our clients unparalleled resources and unmatched results.

Executive Search is our primary area of service. We help you find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence. We find exceptional leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization. We have the capabilities of larger firms while being far more nimble in the market place while remaining entrepreneurial. We are collaborators, connecters & cultivators.

Search Process

Talent Acquisition and Talent Relationship Management
Our process recognizes an ongoing commitment to hiring and developing executive talent. Where gaps develop, our structured approach facilitates strong internal/external communication, effective selection, and assured outcomes. The process commences with assembling a clear understanding of position requirements.

Engagement Refinement, Engagement Assessment, and Engagement Launch
At the commencement of each engagement Comhar Partners, guides a detailed talent pursuit process. For each engagement, we begin with an in-depth interview of key client stakeholders to develop a Position Profile that identifies the experience, technical skills, and critical leadership competencies that are requisite for top performance in the role. For each engagement, we develop a unique weighted Assessment Scorecard to guide all members of the candidate acquisition team toward agreement of critical competencies.

Candidate Development and Research
Each engagement is custom-built with fresh research which leverages our extensive network, industry expertise, current database, and custom competitive research to ensure that we have professionally presented our clients’ opportunities to all relevant sources in the marketplace. Our consultants contact these sources gaining access to the highest potential talent within the industry. Through this direct contact, we ensure that we are including the best and brightest in our initial sourcing efforts. In this stage, we begin our weekly status calls with the client and provide real-time market reactions regarding our sourcing efforts.

Soft Quality and Assessment
We continue our assessment of the candidates by conducting in-depth, face-to-face interviews to further evaluate the candidates’ level of experience, technical capabilities and leadership competencies against the predefined requirements in the  Assessment Scorecard agreed upon during the engagement launch. This tool provides a better understanding of the candidates’ abilities, competencies, motivation, and viability for success in the role. Based on our findings, finalist recommendations are provided to the client supported by detailed candidate profiles for each candidate, the Assessment Scorecard to present, our evaluation of their strengths,  motivations, and any area of concern.  Additionally, we present a detailed  Compensation Worksheet.

CAT Coordination, Expediting, Feedback, Negotiations & Administration, and Offer & Close
We maximize the effectiveness of each interview through careful coordination and optimization of the client and candidate experience. Constant communication with our client and finalists ensures that each conversation and face-to-face interaction have a productive outcome. We produce Progress Reports weekly to communicate the current status of all candidates. Final due diligence, through multi-faceted validation such as third-party references, background checks, and additional tools as needed. Assessment and negotiations start with our initial candidate discussions and culminate in the final offer leading to a successful acceptance.

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