Professional Recruiting

Our Professional Recruiting Services are cost-effective, scalable, quality driven, and flexible.

This contemporary search process offers flexible and scalable talent acquisition solutions tailored to attract professionals at the middle to upper levels of management. With our professional recruiting offerings, we become an extension of your human resources team in order to advance your recruiting process. Our Professional Recruiting Services are cost-effective, scalable, quality driven, and flexible.

Our cutting-edge technology and support team offer undisputed client care to help fill your position with the highest quality candidate in the shortest amount of time. We provide you with dedicated recruitment teams that will become an extension of your own HR department. Our decisions are data-driven to ensure we only deliver top quality candidates to your company.

We have resources dedicated to each industry and sector across the nation, Comhar Partners is beyond equipped to meet your aggressive hiring needs. Improving candidate quality and recruitment responsiveness, increasing retention and implementing best-in-class recruitment processes.

Comhar Partners Professional Recruiting vs. Other Recruiting Vendors

Research and Passive Focus: Comhar Partners uses a research focused and passive candidate sourcing model to focus more on quality. Other vendors are focused on quantity, not the quality of candidates presented and will offer clients mainly active job candidates.

Scalable, Flexible and Cost-Effective: Comhar Partners offers scalable, flexible and cost-effective plans. Comhar Partners will act as an extension of your internal recruiting departments whereas other recruiting vendors have a non-exclusive relationship meaning, you are taking on your main competitors for the best candidates.

Here for Your Agressive Hiring Needs: While other vendors are motivated by the speed of the transaction and not fit of the hire, Comhar Partners is motivated to achieve your hiring goals within your desired timeline.

Sourced Candidates for Your Use: Most all recruiting vendors own the candidate prospect data sourced on your behalf. However, Comhar Partners releases all of the candidate prospect data sourced for your search to you.

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