Ty Perdue

Senior Associate

Ty is a Senior Associate at Comhar Partners. With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Marketing Management and a keen eye for talent, he has become an invaluable member of the recruiting team. His expertise lies in identifying and assessing top-tier candidates for C-level and executive positions in various industries. Ty’s ability to quickly understand client’s needs and preferences allows him to deliver exceptional results while providing a seamless candidate experience.

Prior to joining the firm, Ty worked in logistics and operations, playing an essential role in the expansion of the nation’s largest cannabis testing laboratory network. As the Head of Logistics, he touched all areas of operations and created lasting relationships throughout the medical and recreational cannabis industry, often working in tandem with the country’s most recognized Multi-State Operators.

Contact Information

Phone: (352) 213-8500

Email: tperdue@comharpartners.com


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